DIY Hollow Book Safes Tutorials

The following pages contain various tutorials on creating a hollow book for those who can’t afford to buy one from a hollow book retailer. While the quality and performance may differ than one from a professional hollow book safe crafters. I buy them all for friends and family members for special occasions, and they loved them. However, these tutorials will help you make one on a budget. Forego the expensive cutters and pressers— you just need a book, some glue, a blade, and some time.

If you make a book and would for us to review it here, please contact me. I look forward in seeing some great work!

How To Make a Book Into an Incognito Stash Box (2012)
by Andrew Tarantola at Gizmodo
Book: unknown

How To: Make a Secret Hollow Book (2012)
by Katie Gould
Book: unknown
Personally it should be noted the safety precautions necessary to operate a Dremel. Safety glasses, proper ventilation and a dust mask is recommended. Inhalation of especially old book dust can be quite dangerous!

Jewlery Box | DIY (2012)
by Angela at Sincerely
Book: unknown
Very flowery. Interesting floral touches.

DIY Time: the Hollow Book (2012)
by Angela at Bookish
Book: Atlas Shrugged (Part 2) Leatherbound
A nice selection of a book, ruffling an X-Acto cut.

DIY Secret Hollow Book (2012)
by The Glue Gun Girl
Book: The Ladies of Grace Adieu
Crafty and creative.

How to Make a Secret Hollow Book (2012)
by craftknowitall on Instructables
Book: The Phoenix Endangered
A photographic step-by-step process in creating a secret hollow book with beginning pages.

How to Hollow out a Book in 80 Easy Steps (2011)

by Heather Rivers
Book: Making Things Grow
Tutorial on hollowing out a book, in a lengthy 80 step process, finishing off as a coin bank.

HOWTO: Bedside lamp in a hollow book (2011)
by Grathio Labs on Boing Boing
Book: City of Light
A musical time lapse video blazing through the creation of the hollow book using wood and electrical circuitry.  The full step by step instructions is also available to create a lighted hollow book.

DIY Secret Hollow Book Redux (2010)

by Lifehacker
Book: Unknown
Recommends an oscillating saw

How to make a Hollow Book (2010)
on YouTube
Book: Parker’s Wing Buyer’s Guide
A four minute time lapse video that documents the entire process.

Hollowed Out Book (2009)
by Queen of DIY
Book: The Bonfire of the Vanities

Turn a Book Into a Top-Secret Camera Case (2009)
by Photojojo
Book: Martineau’s History of England book
What was interesting was the precision planning behind this book to outfit the space specifically for a camera.

How to Make a Secret Hollow Book Craft VIDEO
by Tina Carbone at
Book: Myra Waldo’s Travel and Motoring Guide to Europe
Nice little upbeat video beings with making a safe which makes a great gift

How to Make a Hollow Book: 13 steps
by WikiHow
Book: Mother Knows Best
For the starting out hobbyist, this wiki page describes the secretive usage of a hollow book and explains in a step by step method with photos of creating a hollow book, tools, supplies, time it will take in creating one of your own.

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